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HAINAN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / June 10, 2019 /Over the past one year, we have forged ahead and gained fruitful achievements. Here comes the 1st anniversary of Contact Hainan on June 10, 2019! The official website of Contact Hainan:

Over the past one year, we have forged ahead and gained fruitful achievements. Here comes the 1st anniversary of Contact Hainan on June 10, 2019! The official website of Contact Hainan:

Contact Hainan, also known as the Investment and Talent Attraction Net of China (Hainan) Pilot Free Trade Zone and Free Trade Port with Chinese Characteristics, is born to serve the construction of Hainan Free Trade Zone (FTZ) and Free Trade Port (FTP). On April 22, 2018, at the 62nd meeting of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hainan Provincial Committee, the decision of 'employing professional talents to design and develop Hainan Pilot Free Trade Zone and create an investment attraction network for Hainan FTZ with Chinese characteristics' was made; in May, a construction team involving relevant authorities and enterprises such as Hainan Provincial Department of Commerce, Office of Talent Affairs Committee, the CPC Hainan Committee, Tencent, and started preparation for Contact Hainan. On June 10, Contact Hainan was put into trial operation.

The newly launched Contact Hainan, with both English and Chinese versions, has six functional sections. Today, Contact Hainan, which has been established for one year, can be viewed in nine languages, including Chinese, English, French, Russian, Arabic, Spanish. PC version, mobile version, WeChat official account, WeChat applet and other multi-terminal browsing channels are also available. Contents on Contact Hainan can be shared and displayed on multiple platforms at home and abroad, such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, WeChat, Weibo and QQ.

Enjoying rapid growth, Contact Hainan is oriented at targeted investment and talent attraction with preferential policies, and applies the innovation mode 'Internet + Investment and Talent Attraction', serving as a 'window' drawing both domestic and international attention and promoting domestic and international cooperation.

Contact Hainan Draws 'Eyeballs' Abroad with Online Update and Offline Promotion

Starting from scratch, Contact Hainan has been drawing more and more attention over the past one year.

Since its trial operation on June 10, 2018, Contact Hainan has kept launching surprising new functions: On July 16, the WeChat official account of Contact Hainan opened up; on August 1, four new functions were added to Contact Hainan; on November 27, the WeChat applet of Contact Hainan was put online; on December 25, Contact Hainan available in nine international official languages was launched.

In terms of offline activities, Contact Hainan has been present at large-scale national exhibitions, lifting its attention and reputation. From September 7 to 11, Contact Hainan was present at China International Fair For Investment & Trade for the first time, drawing the attention of investors and businessmen; from September 12 to 15, Contact Hainan was present at the 15th China-ASEAN Expo, attracting much attention of ASEAN allies; on November 10, Contact Hainan appeared at Hainan Province's 'Gathering the Talents of the Quartet' Job Fair held in Beijing; from December 12 to 16, Contact Hainan appeared at the 2018 China International (Hainan) International Tropical Agricultural Products Winter Trade Fair.

After one year of update,development, publicity and promotion, Contact Hainan has drawn both domestic and overseas attention. As of June 6, 2019, the visitors Contact Hainan hit one million person-times, with overseas visitors accounting for over 20%.

One of its major features is that it has attracted much attention of overseas enterprises and talents. Contact Hainan has always been committed to introducing the world's top 500 companies and leading enterprises in the industry and recruiting talents at home and abroad. When the investments all around the world flock into Hainan, Contact Hainan timely forwards such information via Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and other foreign social platforms to meet the needs of investors and overseas talents for information.

Reportedly, the top 10 countries and regions browsing Contact Hainan are the United States, Canada, France, Turkey, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Vietnam, Thailand and Spain. Browsing from the United States tops up to 40,000 visits.

Contact Hainan Promotes Hainan through Policy and Case Reporting

Over the past one year, Contact Hainan has been moving forward with Hainan' investment attraction.

In 2018, Hainan launched the '100-day Investment Attraction' campaign to attract well-known enterprises at home and abroad to speed up their deployment in Hainan. A total of 230 strategic framework agreements and investment cooperation agreements have been signed. Totally 106 project companies have been registered, 27 of which are top 500 enterprises in the world and 9 are well-known service organizations such as the big four accounting firms. The settlement rate and value of the project have soared significantly.

Meanwhile, Hainan has promulgated policies such as Working Opinions on Promoting the Development of the Headquarters Economy and Measures for the Administration of the Verification of Enterprise Headquarters to promote the economic development of enterprise headquarters. A batch of enterprise headquarters such as the headquarters of China National Travel Service Group Corporation Limited have settled in Hainan. A total of 30 enterprises have been recognized as enterprise headquarters, including 22 in Haikou and 8 in Sanya.

The online investment attraction platform established by Contact Hainan has played an indispensable part in the fruitful achievements.

The three major sections of 'Why Hainan', 'Invest in Hainan', and 'Find work/hire' of Contact Hainan release the latest authoritative policy information and investment cases related to Hainan's investment through the Official Information and Case Studies columns to actively promote the Hainan's successful investment and business model.

Reportedly, since the online trial operation, Contact Hainan has published more than 2,000 pieces of Chinese information and 400 pieces of English information. Contact Hainan and have jointly planned the series reports of 'Building Infrastructure for Attracting Talents and Targeted Investment', with a focus on interviews with the world's top 500 enterprises, leading enterprises in industry and well-known brand enterprises settling and investing in Hainan. We know and understand more about Hainan through the 'Like'.

Contact Hainan Holding online Recruitment Fair to Help Hainan Recruit Talents

Over the past one year, Contact Hainan bridges enterprises and talents and helps talents keep developing with industries.

Contact Hainan is Hainan's official 'Internet + Investment Attraction + Talent Attraction' platform integrating publicity, exchange, service and other functions. On Contact Hainan, Enterprises can register and publish job information free of charge, and send resume review results and interview invitations to candidates. Job seekers can find their desired positions through the Contact Hainan, post their resumes free of charge, make appointments for interviews and so on.

Reportedly, since the recruitment and application function of Contact Hainan was launched, nearly 2,000 high-quality positions have been released and more than 5,000 resumes have been uploaded.

It is Contact Hainan's responsibility to post Hainan's talent policies and recruitment announcement on a larger scale.

On March 1, 2019, in order to serve the construction of Hainan FTZ and FTP, Hainan Province openly recruited some high-end special Chinese and foreign managerial personnel, managerial personnel for provincial-level enterprises and public institutions, managerial personnel for Hainan SASAC, managerial personnel for prefecture and municipal-level enterprises and public institutions, and managerial personnel for local organizations assuming governmental management responsibilities.

In response to this good news, Contact Hainan launched the latest announcement of talent selection through its websites, WeChat, applets and overseas social media such as Twitter and Facebook. Meanwhile, Contact Hainan utilized Tencent's national and regional resources and cooperated with, China News, Hainan Daily and for extensive publicity.

Besides, on April 18, in order to serve the settlements of enterprises and talents in Hainan, Contact Hainan held the First Online Talent Recruitment Fair for Hainan Industry Projects in 2019. Enterprises advertised and recruited on Contact Hainan, and outstanding talents in all sectors registered online to post their job-seeking intentions. From May 20 to June 20, Contact Hainan will hold the Second Online Talent Recruitment Fair for Hainan Industry Projects in 2019. As enterprises are constantly updating and talents are constantly flocking into Hainan, Contact Hainan will hold more recruitment fairs.

As the initial stage is gone, Contact Hainan is to usher in a new chapter.

Contact Hainan will exert itself in three aspects: to further improve Contact Hainan's 'One-Stop Service for Investment in Hainan'; to build itself a brand of online investment promotion and recommendation; and to make every effort to recruit talents for organizations and departments at all levels in Hainan Province.

Faced with new opportunities in the new era, Hainan takes the initiative to seek development; Contact Hainan, born at the proper time, seizes opportunities to help Hainan successfully enter the new era of 'Internet + Investment and Talent Attraction'.

The official website of Contact Hainan:

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