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Greater Bay Area Series is coming May 31

30 May 2023, 11:13 GMT+10

The Greater Bay Area presents a rich and varied scene. This cornucopia of food resources and diverse geological features offers fish of all shapes and sizes a wonderful habitat. All this endows the area with impressive biodiversity. Our new series Greater Bay Area Series is coming tomorrow May 31. Here are our recommendations of the Journey in Nature series to watch.

The insects inhabiting the forest benefit each other, even between predator and prey. The interactions of countless species make the woodland a thrilling locale.

The fairy pitta mother brings food to her brood of eager and famished chicks at home. The Greater Bay Area's mild climate suits this fairy pitta tribe.The local environment makes an ideal nesting site for them.

As night descends on the woodlands, the Chinese flying frogs are out and about. After shedding, the frog is translucent green. It has evolved robust webbed feet and muscular hind limbs. 

In the wooded mountains of Guangdong Province, the river banks are home to the crab-eating mongoose. Roughly the size of a house cat, mongooses, with their long and sturdy tails, live in packs in the cracks and burrows throughout the woodlands. Mongooses mainly feed on freshwater fish and crabs. They're remarkable predators.

As Guangdong's official provincial bird, silver pheasants are found across the Greater Bay Area. The male's white mantle bears a distinctive pattern. As spring turns into summer, the silver pheasant ushers in the mating season. The male circles the female in a time-honored courtship ritual. With his red crest erect, he flaunts his cockiest self to his lady friend.

The Greater Bay Area enjoys a subtropical monsoon climate resulting in temperate winters and intensely tropical summers. In the parts affected by marine currents, many tropical and temperate species join the community. The bottom of the nearshore waters has become a lively home for all.

The seahorse drifts with the currents, before it finds a tangle of seaweed in which to hide. Fish own the sea. They are friends to humanity. Nature deserves our respect and understanding. This is imperative to maintain harmony between humans and nature.

In Xinhui Distinct, Jiangmen City, the sandy shoal at the river mouth is adjacent to an ancient community. The climate is optimal for growing mandarin oranges. Unique local conditions nourish the plump and juicy mandarins with a distinctive fragrance. The Xinhui dried orange peel is the best-known local specialty.

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Source: CGTN

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